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The companies are run by John A. Cardona, a professional marine repair expert, master marine surveyor and a high performance boat designer and boat builder. (Invented Advanced Composites Testing Machine)


-Member of the (ASNE), American Society of Naval Engineers

-Member: (IAMI), International Assoc. of Marine Investigators

-Member: (ASNT) American Society for Non-Destructive Testing


-Member of the (ABYC), American Boat and Yacht Council


-Master Marine Surveyor, (USSA), U.S. Surveyors Association

-Marine Surveyor, (ACMS) The Association of Certified Marine Surveyors

-Certified Intermodal Shipping Container Inspector, (ACMS)


-Member of the (ABBRA), American Boat Builders and Repairers Association

-Inventor of Aircraft and Marine Composites Testing Machine. (PATENT PENDING)


-Composites Engineering and Repair background


-John has designed and prototyped advance hydroplane racing boats, and marine components.


--Advanced Fiberglass and Composite Boat Inspection for Senior Marine Surveyors (Group and individual rates available)

--Advanced Fiberglass and Composite Boat Inspection for Yacht Designers and Repair Professionals (Group and individual rates available)

--Composite Aircraft and Aerospace Structure inspection for Aircraft Manufacturing Professionals (Group and individual rates available)




John also wrote a book, "Boat Buying Tips for the Northeast", a practical guide for purchasing a new or used boat and what to look for.


John is also working on a second book, "Advanced Hull Inspections and why most inspections miss Structural Delamination and Bond Failures!!".

John will be offering a new advanced  course in Structural Delamination for Surveyors and Sportfishing Boat Designers and Builders.    "How slamming Wave Loads Affect Race Boats and Sport Fishing Boats years after they are built" (from a boat repair perspective).

And a second course on "Sailboat Structural Review and Inspections"


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