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Our Services            Power Boats and Sailboats

We have been providing quality, professional marine pre-purchase inspections, Yacht repairs and advanced Composite repairs for over 25 years in the NY area and Advanced Surveys nationwide.

Professional Composite Repairs

We are set up for full Mobile yacht service, We come prepared to do all work on-site from storm damage to full custom design work. If its Fiberglass we can fix it.

 Pre-Purchase Inspections

****Would'nt you rather have someone who works on boats every day look at your new purchase, ""We Know What to Look For"", We can Find HIDDEN DAMAGE"" We have access to the World's Largest Database of "Common Problems" on Used Boats, 1932-Present. By Make, Model and Year Boat , because we own and maintain it !!!  We also provide Thermal Imaging of Hulls, Decks, Transoms, Stringers looking for delamination. ---Whether you are looking at a boat in NY, Texas, California, or Florida, we travel nationwide.

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